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We perform insulation tasks and supply proven solutions for the complex and varied requirements of the shipbuilding & offshore industries.

We are authorised and specialised in applying SpreFix a self adhesive glass or stone wool, sprayed directly onto surfaces.

  • Fire insulation
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Sound Insulation
  • Pipes Insulation
  • HVAC insulation


Class aproved insulation on bulkheads/ceilings
Fire class extensions/draught stops
Class aproved panelling for walls/ceilings
Penetrations- Fire bulkheads/decks
Fire doors
Class aproved floating floors
HVAC insulation
Insulation of bulkheads/ceilings
Insulation of hot/cold pipes or exhaust lines
Insulation of pipes
HVAC insulation
Insulation on bulkheads/ceilings
Deck coverings (Floors)
HVAC insulation
Insulation on floors
Pipes/HVAC insulation