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Ensuring hot things stay hot

The requirements of the indoor climate and comfort have become more stringent during the recent years. The insulation constitutes an important factor of this, as it ensures that the correct temperature is obtained both in ships as well as in other industries.



Class aproved insulation on bulkheads/ceilings
Fire class extensions/draught stops
Class aproved panelling for walls/ceilings
Penetrations- Fire bulkheads/decks
Fire doors
Class aproved floating floors
HVAC insulation
Insulation of bulkheads/ceilings
Insulation of hot/cold pipes or exhaust lines
Insulation of pipes
HVAC insulation
Insulation on bulkheads/ceilings
Deck coverings (Floors)
HVAC insulation
Insulation on floors
Pipes/HVAC insulation